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03 noviembre, 2011

Frogs: Friend or foe?

friend :) always friend

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29 octubre, 2011

Para Mija…

Pues esta entrada al blog del día de hoy tiene doble propósito, estamos en el mes de la amistad, así que hay que celebrar a los amigos, y hoy en particular es cumpleaños de una muy buena amiga, que conocí no hace mucho pero que me quedo sorprendido de la calidad humana que tiene, es súper creativa, inteligente, extrovertida, divertida, sensible, sencilla, emprendedora, bueno me acabaría la lista de adjetivos buenos y no es el punto.
Dado que el lugar dónde nos conocimos fue en una clase de inglés, mi regalo del día de hoy será en ese idioma (haber si todavía me acuerdo).
Dear Mirell,
It wasn’t long time ago, when we walked across the corridors of the Languages Center (almost run 'cause we were always late hahaha). I remember you as a safe, confident and highly intelligent person, in fact, I never thought that you need the class, there were a few times when you know more than the teacher.
I don’t know if you believe or not in fate, I think more mathematically-religious, I believe in odds and God, if the second one plays with the first one, anything could pass, and that is the reason why I’m writing now.
I wish with all my heart’s beats, you achieve all your goals and dreams, these experiences that you’re living in the old continent and Africa let you find who you are and what do you really want (even put a coffee shop or who knows, a franchise of Latte Art in México). I hope our paths will cross again.
Miss. Helen (her real name is Maria Elena, hahaha its funny 'cause she always said, “call me Helen” hahaha) suggested as a good practice in writing, include a quote at the end, so I thought it would nice idea take her advice at least now that the class finished.
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin
Happy Birthday, I love you star girl!
Questi fiore per festeggiarti con gioia, Buon Compleanno!

24 marzo, 2011

How much TV do you usually watch in a day?

Menos de una hora, pero no preguntes sobre cuantas paso en internet :D

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¿Prefieres las vacaciones en la playa o en las montañas?


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